KitCart Admin 2

  • Orders

This shows information about your orders; All, Awaiting Processing, Processing, Ready For Pickup, Completed, and Cancelled Orders.

KitCart automatically display all order’s information on Orders. These include;

  • Order’s identity/Invoice number (Automatically generated ID)
  • Customer’s name
  • Total price
  • Method of payment
  • Order’s status
  • Date of order
  • Invoice 


  • Creating Orders

You can also create Orders for your customers in your KitCart admin. To do this, create an order by adding it to cart then add a customer. The Cart items are added automatically which include the product(s), tax, weight, shipping and total price. 

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Orders > Create Order
  2. Add your preferred product(s) to cart
  3. Click the cart button on the top of the page
  4.  Proceed to checkout
  5. Enter the information necessary in the Billing Address
  6. Make Order


  • Printing Shipping labels/Invoices

You can print shipping labels for your customers to track shipping and serve as evidence of payments. The invoice contains the necessary details of the products, customers and their payment statuses.

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Orders >  Orders
  2. Search for the product you need to print invoice for by the Order ID
  3. Click on Invoice (It downloads automatically)


  • Products

Link to Products


  • KitPay

Link to KitPay


  • Customers

Link to customers


  • Transactions

 This shows your transactions data; Order No, Transaction Id, Last Update, Customer, Amount, Payment, Method


  • Reports

These analyses the Total, Completed, Processing and Cancelled Orders showing these data in a tabular form; Invoice, Date, Customer, Order total, Payment. Fulfilled, Item(s)


  • Payment

Link to Payment


  • Shipping

Link to shipping


  • Offers & Ads

What’s a set up store without a tool for advertisement?

This is the section of your KitCart admin where you manage the ads that come up on your store. You can set up Bump ads, Banner ads, Flash Notification, Side ads and Testimonials


  • Bump ads

Bump ads are advert images set to be on top of your online store, usually after Sliders. It is different however from Sliders because it’s an ad, and then, it does not slide, your customer can only swipe by to see the next bump ads if they find the content captivating. In essence, you can create multiple Bump ads.

How to create a bump ad to your store

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Offers & Ads >  Bump ads  > Create New
  2. Choose your preferred file not more than 2MB
  3. Add a suitable URL
  4. Click Submit


  • Banner ads

Link to Banner ads


  • Flash notification

Flash notification is useful to show your notices, announcements, notifications or any information on header and footer with style which is perfect for marketing promotions.

How to add flash notification to your store 

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Offers & Ads >  Flash Notification   > Add Flash Notification
  2. Enter Message, Action test and Action URL
  3. Click save


  • Side Ads

This is another form of advertisement that can be set up on your store.

How to add Side ads to your store

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Offers & Ads > Side ads >  Add Side Ad
  2. Enter Title, Message
  3. Choose the Account Number file
  4. Click save


  • Testimonials

Link to testimonials


  • Reviews

This shows information about Product, Name, Email, Quote, Rating, Date and Action

Link to reviews


  • Blog

Link to blog


  • Newsletter

Link to Newsletter


  • Marketing Tools

Link to Marketing Tools  


  • Store Settings

Link to Store Settings


  • Settings

This is the Shop Settings, Subscriptions and Domain Management

  • Shop Settings
  • Subscriptions
  • Domain management


  • Shop Settings

This is the admin section that you can edit your store name and description, location and currency.

  • Store name
  • Legal business name and address
  • Store currency


  • How to set your online store name 

Your online store name is the name that is displayed on every page of your website.

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Settings> Shop Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Enter the name of your store in the Store name text field
  4. Enter your Store description, Notification & Reply-to email, with the other necessary information.
  5. Click save.


  • Set your legal business name and address 

Your legal business name and address will appear on your bill. With the correct address listed on your KitCart bill, you might be able to claim KitCart as a business expense.

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Settings > Shop Settings.
  2. Click Location.
  3. Enter your Company, Address, City, State, Postal/Zip Code, and other necessary information.
  4. Click save.


  • Set your store currency
  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Settings> Shop Settings.
  2. Click Multicurrency > Add currency
  3. Add your preferred currency  and rate
  4. Click save
  5. Click Add currency to add more currencies
  6. Click save


  • Domain management

Link to domain management


  • My Store

There is a large blue button at the end of your admin that redirect to your store page. It’s a direct link to check any of the edits you make on your admin, or oversee what is going on in your KitCart store.


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