Domain Management

A domain is the URL or website address where your customers go to find your store online. You manage your domain settings for your online store on the Domains page in your KitCart admin. The domain that is displayed when customers visit your online store is your primary domain. If you want to change the domain that customers use to visit your store, then you can add your domain, and set it to be your primary domain
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Buying A Domain On Kitcart

To help you set up your domain and manage all your domain settings from your Kitcart dashboard, you can buy a domain on Kitcart. If this domain is the first domain that you add to Kitcart then it is automatically configured to be your primary domain.
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Connecting A Third-party Domain To Kitcart

When you purchase a domain, you buy a root domain, such as You can also have subdomains such as or, where is the root domain, and www or shop is the subdomain. You have to purchase a root domain before you can add a subdomain.
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