Banners are another way of customizing your online store. Banner advertising is the use of a rectangular graphic display that appears on your online store. Banner ads are image based rather than text, which is a way of capturing the attention of your customers faster. It is a popular form of advertising and it consists of static or animated images or media.

Banner ads are very attractive in that they can help to create your brand awareness, generate leads and re-target an audience, such as giving a visitor a chance to sign up for a newsletter or view a product before they click away.

How to add a banner ad to your online store

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Offers & Ads >  Banner ads  > Create New
  2. Choose the file that has  your banner
  3. Add a suitable URL
  4. Click Submit

You should know that adding a new banner overwrites the previous one. That is, you can edit your banner ad by creating a new banner, but you can only add one at a time.

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