A store inventory is a record of all the items available for use in your daily business operations. The store inventory increases with purchases and decreases with sales or consumption. It is important to track changes in your inventory so you can evaluate your business performance and set future plans.  Managing inventory also help you to avoid selling products that have run out of stock, or let you know when you need to order or make more of your product.

On KitCart, inventory information about each product is available;

  • The Product (image)
  • SKU - Stock keeping unit (Product barcodes)
  •  Stock management (You can decide to allow KitCart manage your stock or not by clicking on the blue button which turns red when you do not want stock to be managed)
  • Quantity available (The quantity is automatically managed by KitCart but you can also edit manually)

The KitCart Inventory is very similar to business Bin cards; you have access to all information about your products, with convenience.

  How to manage Inventory

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Products 
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Manage stock or Edit Quantity Available
  4. Click save
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