Getting Started With KitPay

kitPay is the simplest way to accept payments online. It eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the credentials into KitCart. With KitPay you’re automatically set up to accept payments in one click.

Follow the following steps to fully set up your KitPay

  1. To enable KitPay, simply login to your Dashboard and navigate to payment section
  2. Tap the ‘install Kitpay’ button 
  3. Proceed by entering your 
  • Default bank name( eg, Kuda Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank, etc)
  • Default bank account name( i.e your major account, as you can add multiple bank accounts)
  • Default bank account number
  • Short Description of the purpose you’re receiving the payments for( E.g Payment for goods and services)
  • Pick whether you want KitPay to accept card payments for you. If yes, that eliminates the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider and having to enter certain credentials before getting paid


If “yes” there will be a 2% + #100 charge on local transactions and 5% + #100 on international transactions.

4. Decide who should pay the transaction fees; You have two options, you can either make your clients pay the charges(that is, if the product they are adding to their cart together with the shipping cost is 5,000 naira, the client will be making payment of a total of #5000+#200= 5,200, which is 2% + #100 KitPay charges), or you can decide to bear the transaction charges instead of the client.

Dear CEO, the choice is yours.

5. Choose to make your kitPay payment method available for your customers only for admin only or both.

Now you are all set, start getting paid right away with Kitpay.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team by hitting the chat button below on the right corner of screen.












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