SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Many people searching for something on the internet begin with a search engine like Google or Microsoft Bing. These search engines are designed to use a variety of information from websites to create a ranked list of results for a particular search query. Search engines determine which websites are most likely to be relevant to the search query, and then show the results in order of their relevance.

SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as "natural" or "organic" results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. In the short term, the easiest way to get more traffic to your online store is to optimize your content so that a search engine recognizes it as relevant to queries related to your products. This is what we mean by SEO.


  • Site’s SEO
  • Product’s SEO


  • Site’s SEO

You can analyse your online store’s search engine optimization in the Store settings in your KitCart admin. Provide information about your store to draw more traffic to your store and create search engine recognition. For example, if your store is a clothing store; your Site title can be ‘The best Clothing Store’, give a captivating Site description, and tag reputable clothing lines.

  1. From your admin, go to Store settings > Seo
  2. Enter Site title, twitter title, canonical URL, tags and site description
  3. Click update


  • Product’s SEO

You can also optimize your products on search engines, by giving the products relevant keywords that can bring more traffic to them when potential customers search randomly for particular products.

  1. Add your product  (link to Add your Products)
  2. Click on SEO Keywords
  3. Meta Title automatically carries the Product name, you can change it if you like
  4. Enter the Meta Keyword and Meta Description
  5. Save Changes



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