When a new customer places an order with your store, their name and information are automatically added to your customer list. You can email customers from the admin using their profile information, and depending on the circumstances, you can also manually add, edit, or delete a customer profile.

If your customers create an account with your store, then they can add their address information to their account so that it auto-fills during checkout. They can also view their order history with your store, and see the current order status for any purchases they make. A customer profile is created when a customer interacts with your business, such as when the customer:

  • signs up for your mailing list or a customer account
  • places an order
  • starts an order but abandons their checkout
  • is added to your customer list manually (by yourself)

On this page,

  • Add a customer
  • Edit customer details


  • Add a customer
  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Customers > Create New
  2. Enter the name, email, password  
  3. Click save
  • Edit customer details
  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Customers > View details  of the customer to be edited
  2. Click  Edit
  3. Edit and save
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