Email Marketing refers to messages and advertisements sent to store contacts, subscribers and customers with the intent of making a sale, either immediately or in the future. This page shows you how to set up and configure your email marketing.

By default, the store contact address is the email address that you use when you sign up for KitCart. It’s the email that KitCart uses to contact you, and the email you will contact your subscribers and customers with.

  • Compose a new Newsletter
  • Manage your contacts


  • Compose a new Newsletter
  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Newsletter > Compose
  2. Enter Subject and body
  3. Schedule the time to be published
  4. Select your audience
  5. Add attachments/files
  6. Save to draft or Publish


  • Manage your contacts

Your contacts information, subscribers and customers can be viewed and managed here.

  1. From your KitCart admin, go to Newsletter > Contacts

See preferred information by clicking either All Contacts, Subscribers  or  Customers

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