KitCart Affiliate

The KitCart Affiliate is simply evangelism for profit. It is for influencers, educators, content creators, and review sites to educate the audience about entrepreneurship with KitCart and to earn commission for their referrals. 

You become a KitCart evangelist when you promote KitCart across your networks, by your personal evangelist link. Here’s great news, your evangelism isn’t for free. You earn up to 40% commission for being a KitCart evangelist. What’s more? Product training is given to KitCart affiliates, product demonstrations and Question and Answer sessions are set up for you with a dedicated evangelist manager.


  • How to join KitCart Affiliate program
  • How much do an evangelist /affiliate earn?
  • How to refer people?
  • How to get paid?



  • How to join KitCart Affiliate program

This is simply how to become an evangelist for KitCart.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Evangelism Starts Here
  3. Enter your Full Name, Username, Email, Phone Number
  4. Enter your password, confirm the password
  5. Click on Sign up


  • How much do an evangelist /affiliate earn?

As a KitCart evangelist, you earn commissions for merchants that you refer to KitCart through a link that contains your unique referral handle. For each successful merchant, you earn up to 40% commission, this means you earn up to 40% the plan price selected by the merchant. Commission rate is presently 20%.


  • How to refer people?

Once you’ve created an evangelist account/signed up for KitCart affiliate program, you have your evangelist page immediately. On your dashboard - where you track all the visitors you lead, your unique Affiliate link is displayed, click on Copy Link. Merchants that sign up for KitCart with your link automatically gets to be your referrals.


  • How to get paid?

Here is the sweetest part of being part of our affiliate program.

  1. Click on the sidebar on your affiliate account
  2. Click on Payout Details > Add New
  3. Enter your Bank/Gateway Name
  4. Your registered email auto-fills but you can edit to enter another
  5. Enter your Account Number and Account Name
  6. Enter Other Details
  7. Click Submit
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